CONNECTIONS 2014: Main Keynote Speaker will be THOMAS SCHELLING

Not exactly as illustrated.

The CONNECTIONS conference on professional wargaming will be held in Quantico, Virginia, August 4-7 2014.

Here is the latest news from organizer Matt Caffrey:

THE Professor Thomas Schelling has agreed to be our lead keynote speaker!

“There is no Nobel Prize for wargaming, but if there was, Professor Thomas Schelling would have one to go along with his 2005 Nobel Prize in economics. While he is best known as a game theorist and nuclear strategist, his contributions to the field of wargaming have been hugely significant. An advocate for the unique analytic value of gaming, while at Harvard’s Center for International Affairs he wargamed with RAND at Camp David and undisclosed locations. His writings pioneered the application of wargaming to diplomatic deliberations and international political-military crises. I can think of no better Keynote, especially in a year when our theme emphasizes understanding across international wargaming cultures and across wargame applications.”

Thomas Schelling’s most influential works that touch on negotiation behaviours and game theory as applied to the military are The Strategy of Conflict (1960) and Arms and Influence (1966). His 2005 Nobel Prize was for his work in understanding conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis.

He also indirectly contributed to the making of the famous Stanley Kubrick film “Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” when Kubrick read an article he had written on nuclear warfare that mentioned the (very serious) Peter George novel Red Alert, which became the base for the script (and which, coincidentally, I reread last weekend).

If you have spent any time studying negotiation or game theory, you will have heard of Schelling – don’t miss this chance to hear him speak!

In other news:

On Monday, August 4, Matt Caffrey will present his famed “Wargaming 101” briefing from 1200 to 1345. At 1400 there will be THREE choices of speaker:

– Dr. Peter Perla, author of The Art of Wargaming speaking on analytical wargaming
– Dr. Joe Saur and Chris Weuve on wargame design, its basics and its pitfalls
– Matt Caffrey speaking on the history of wargaming using information from his upcoming book.

Details on registration and how to participate in Connections virtually are still coming, but if you needed something else to help make up your mind, there will be ZERO registration fee for the conference. While there will be options to buy lunch, if you bring your own lunch (and live within driving distance of Quantico) Connections can literally be free!

The Connections website is here:

Finally, I will be attending the Consimworld Expo in Tempe AZ in late May, and plan to put on a special event on “Simulating Modern Warfare” with Joe Miranda. This is a reprise of an event Joe and I did at the Expo a few years ago, but we will also be talking about the Connections conference, as we’ve both attended a few (though this will be the 21st Connections conference).

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