Podcast: Guns, Dice, Butter episode XX

David Dockter has a regular podcast on wargaming called “Guns, Dice, Butter” that has just recorded its twentieth episode.

This one has:

  • Phil Eklund, speaking from faraway Berlin about his brain-wringingly thoughtful and detailed designs,
  • then (about 1h 22min) Mark Herman, Jim Doughan and myself talking about “War by Other Means” where we discuss another “7 Ms” of warcraft (besides Machetes, Machine-guns and Missiles) that support the BIG “M” (Morale) in making and waging war,
  • and finally a few minutes with me (about 2h 12 min) talking about Ukrainian Crisis and what I was trying to get at (plus the story of how I met Rex Brynen, writer of the excellent Paxsims blog!).

Download it (it’s about an 83 MB file, or you can just listen) at:


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