Normally this website gets fewer than five visitors and ten or so views per day.

Monday, March 17 saw 1,011 visitors and 1,826 views. This one day represented almost 25% of all views ever received by this website, in the nearly three years since it’s been created.
Top viewers were from the USA (534), Russian Federation (352) and Ukraine (334), with Canada a distant fourth (130, and some of those were mine).

However, it’s obvious that almost 1,000 of those people saw “Ukrainian Crisis” and “game”, clicked in, discovered that
a) it was a paper game, and
b) that they would have to print it out themselves
and promptly clicked away again.

Anyway, I am happy to report that today traffic is back to near-normal volumes – 44 visitors and 110 views, after Europe has gone to bed – so I now return me to my already scheduled obscurity.

And thanks to the people who have downloaded it, and tried it out!

As I’ve been trying to make clear, for me this was a “game jam” experiment in creativity like the video game people do (only with one man, who felt it necessary to get something out when the situation seemed to be changing hourly, and an invasion seemed very likely).
Perhaps consider it an attempt to conduct amateur journalism in the form of a wargame.
The crisis still isn’t over, though perhaps I am looking silly already – like most journalists do, these days.
But one has to try these things out and see how they go.

About brtrain
This blog is mostly devoted to posts, work and resources on "serious" conflict simulation games.

One Response to Blip

  1. defling says:

    Less a blip than one data point on the edge of a growing region. I’m jealous of the wave you can generate! And you probably even deserve it. Which only makes it worse.

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