Ukrainian Crisis OOB thoughts

Nice banner by Rodger MacGowan!

Nice banner by Rodger MacGowan!

Completists and wargamers, a generously overlapping set of people, prize details of even imaginary events. So I decided to add identification numbers to the combat units portrayed in the Ukrainian Crisis game, to supplement the few units that have been identified so far in the media. But it’s hard to put together a reasonable Order of Battle (OOB) for a hypothetical campaign.

Brigade numbers for the Ukrainian Army are drawn from diagrams appearing in an article in issue #10 of Modern War magazine, “Focus on Eastern Europe” by Maciej Jonasz. They are rated identically for Combat Value and I haven’t been able to make any judgements on their potential value, or even presence. Reportedly the Ukrainian Army is in a very bad way indeed: outdated an un-maintained equipment; badly trained and unwilling (and ethnically divided) conscript soldiers; an untried (and again ethnically divided) leadership class; and finally, a very iffy relationship with the present government. I think I have probably treated the Ukrainians very generously in this sense, and players should feel free to apply restrictions conditions limitations on the size, ability and power of their army.

The OOB for the Russian forces is completely speculative (and I’ve probably got the titles wrong, or skipped some “Guards” honourifics):

Western Military District – 20 Guards Army
2 Guards Tank Division: 5 Motor Rifle Brigade, 4 Independent Tank Brigade
4 Guards Tank Division: 12, 13 Tank Regiments, 423 Motor Rifle Regiment
76 Guards Airborne Division: 23, 104, 234 Airborne Infantry Regiments
6 Tank Brigade
9 Motor Rifle Brigade
detachments from 45 Spetsnaz Regiment

Southern Military District – 49 Army
810 Separate Marine Infantry Brigade
56 Independent Air Assault Brigade
18 Motor Rifle Brigade
detachments from 22 Spetsnaz Brigade

Certainly other units could conceivably take part in a large incursion, from either Military District – for example the Southern Military District includes another Guards Airborne Division, the 7th (108 Guards Parachute Regiment and 247 Air Assault Regiment) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs could provide the ODON, the Independent Operational Purpose Division, a dedicated unit of internal security troops (2, 4, 5 Operational Duties Regiments). So make of it what you will.

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3 Responses to Ukrainian Crisis OOB thoughts

  1. Rex Brynen says:

    There’s some excellent OOB information here:

  2. Tom Grant says:

    Russians? I thought they were insignia-less local self defense forces, supported by a cadre of armed exchange students and tour bus drivers!

    • brtrain says:

      Oh yes… a similar plan was part of “Buster” Sutherland Brown’s plan to pre-emptively invade the United States, under “Defence Scheme No. 1”.

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