Playtesting Dios O Federacion

Spent a great afternoon and evening playtesting Dios o Federacion with the Class Wargames gang and associates:


From left to right, near to far: Kateryna Onyiliogwu, James Moulding, Fabian Tompsett, Richard Parry, Richard Barbrook. Everyone’s so intent on making up stories about what is happening in the game they are ignoring me and my camera!

And Fabian won, by being The Quiet Banker Type Everyone Ignores Until It’s Too Late:


The group was a really quick study, got right into it and had some very valuable suggestions. Thanks everyone!

Later we played a game that James and Kateryna had designed in Richard’s class, Imperialism in Space – by far the easiest chunk of Lenin I ever swallowed.

Having a very busy but great time in the UK!

More later.


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