More on post-Chavez Venezuela

Well, Nicolas Maduro won the election for President, so it looks as if it’s going to be Business as Usual for a while… or does it?

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a multiplayer card game (2-5 players but you could have more) on the building political and social crises in Venezuela today. The point of the design is to instil a balance and tension between individual competition (as players strive to build and maintain power bases within Venezuelan institutions and social groups) and limited cooperation (as players must work together to address the worst of the issues facing Venezuela’s economy and society, or else they will all be worse off).

Control, Secrecy, Hidden Agendas, “Alo Presidente”, Negotiation, Coups d’etat – what more could you want? Well, the actual product perhaps, but the last couple of weekends have been busy with tax return preparation and so forth, but I think I have the design the way I want it. Now for some testing.

Right now I am calling it Dios Y/O Federacion (“God and/or Federation“), a takeoff of Venezuela’s national motto. But I admit I am bad with titles.


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One Response to More on post-Chavez Venezuela

  1. Hello Gregor says:

    If I knew nothing of the game and I heard that title, I’d want to play it. Knowing the subject matter, I want to play it even more. Great title; whether one knows its origins or not.

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