Made the cut!

On Saturday I got news that A Distant Plain had passed the point of 500 pre-orders!

I knew it would make it, just a question of when. (Actually, up to 512 as I write.)

The next steps will be sorting out game art, components, and working it into GMT Games’ production queue… and of course the continuing playtesting and development, which is proceeding apace. From the comments and questions I have seen it seems that we are past the “this doesn’t work, change it” stage and into the “what does this really mean, how do I do XYZ best” stage, which is a good sign. Still, it might be a year or more until this actually thuds onto doorsteps.

I will be conducting further playtests at this year’s BottosCon, 2-4 November, at the perfectly adequate Compass Point Inn in acceptable Surrey.

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