Simulacrum #30: special issue on Brian Train’s games!

issue cover


“New from publisher, John Kula. Simulacrum #30 is the sporadically published zine of board wargame collecting, accumulating and hoarding. As is traditional with the decade issues of Simulacrum (number 10 was a special on Simulation Canada’s games, and number 20 dealt with the quadrigames put out by SPI), this issue is a special on the games of Brian R Train. It’s all here. Get it quickly before BRT ruins everything by starting another half-dozen designs. There are even a couple of designs that nobody has either heard of, or remembers. The issue comes as a PDF file, 87 pages in full and glorious color. Price: $5 (order direct from Or you can obtain ALL issues of Simulacrum on a CD for $35, which includes postage to North America.”

John has worked on this issue for years. I’m very grateful and touched; no one could ask for a greater gesture of friendship.

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This blog is mostly devoted to posts, work and resources on "serious" conflict simulation games.

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