Simulating War by Philip Sabin

Yesterday I got my (pre-ordered) copy of Simulating War: Studying Conflict Through Simulation Games by Philip Sabin.

Dr. Sabin is Professor of Strategic Studies at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. For years he has run courses at the BA and MA level in military history and conflict simulation, part of curriculum being the design and development of a wargame to be played in class! The games tend to be on the simple end of the spectrum, but the wide variety of subjects chosen and the innovative mechanics students are willing to try are fascinating.

I look forward very much to reading this (even though my name’s not in it!). [ETA: later, I did find my name, as the designer of Summer Lightning in the bibliography of wargames he had in the back of the book.]

And here is a review at follower-blog Paxsims:

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