MAJ Mark Campbell knew Major Mark Campbell in the 1980s when he was Sergeant Mark Campbell.
He was my platoon 2IC when I was a platoon commander in the Militia, and one of the most competent people I’ve ever known.
Unlike me, Mark went on to join the Regular Forces.
In 2008 he lost both legs below the knee in Panjwaii, Afghanistan when an IED went off next to his vehicle.
Now, he and many other disabled veterans are getting screwed over by Veterans Affairs Canada, for the sake of saving a few dollars and cutting a few positions in the organization.
I’m glad he is speaking out about it.
My sacrifices, Back In The Day, were usually limited to being uncomfortable, dirty and tired, nothing at all like what he has given.

I am proud of my country and my military service but this reminds me again of how far removed my game-designing activities are from the real thing.

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This blog is mostly devoted to posts, work and resources on "serious" conflict simulation games.

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